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Busy hands or busy mind...

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...harnessing the creativity.

If you are on any social media platforms, I'm sure you will have noticed the growing popularity of community challenges. You know the ones...#insertchallengenamehere. 

Whether it's creating something everyday for a month, 100 days to achieve a goal or a sew-a-long of some description, the internet is awash with them. These can be good for keeping motivated and giving a focus to your creativity and even finding and making friends. 


Busy hands.

Social challenges increase the sense of community and can be particularly good for those who need to keep their hands busy. Those creative souls who find it virtually impossible to sit and do nothing. 

I have to admit, this isn't me.

Yes, I'm creative. Yes, I like to make things. However, I can happily sit and do nothing. That doesn't mean I'm not busy or that I'm lazy. My mind never switches off. Having a constantly busy mind can be very tiring in it's own way.

Busy brain.

I'm constantly running through projects and creating designs virtually, if you like, before I ever start physically making something.


This can be a good thing, but it can aslo be a bad thing. 

On the plus side, I have lots of ideas, and think about the various scenarios of bringing them to life and the endless possibilities for sharing them with the world.

On the negative side, I very often get so far down the production road in my head, find faults that may or may not exist, think of all the reasons why it shouldn't work out and convince myself it is a complete waste of time.

I manage to talk myself out of a lot of things without ever giving them a real chance. 

Permission to play.

I've never been very good at giving myself chance to play. I always feel guilty.

I look at my to do list and see all the jobs that seem far more important than playing with new ideas, but I have to keep reminding myself that without these new ideas my business won't move forward.


So, bearing that in mind, I'm trying to write down my ideas as I get them so that I can give them a proper chance. I'm hoping that by keeping a list of ideas together, I will be able to start exploring them in more detail. 

This requires planning.

Research and development (playing) is an important part of any business and especially a creative one, it helps to keep things fresh and relevant. Not all of these ideas will turn into anything, but the exerience of exploring them will be invaluable.

Creating the challenge.

Rather than look for an existing challenge, I'm going to create my own. The next step will be to narrow down my list of options! Decisions, decisions.

Are you a busy bee? Have you got projects lined up for the Summer? Maybe you regularly join challenges online. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you'd like to share them.

Until next time...

Gaynor xx

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  1. Gaynor

    Hi Marge, I love your folder title "Great Ideas", I may use that and create my own! I also think that making a note of things can help to calm the mind a little too. xx

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  2. Marge

    Your post resonated with me, Gaynor. I'm not as engaged with my hands as I used to be, but oh how my mind keeps whirling around. Your tip on writing the ideas down is great. I've tried doing it in the past, but somehow, the ideas end up scattered in multiple notebooks, folders, and endless scraps of paper. I have a folder labeled "Great Ideas!". I think it's time to resurrect that folder and keep it in a prominent place where all ideas, great or not, can be housed until inspiration takes one to the next step.

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