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Going with the flow...

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...when things don't go to plan.

Ok, so this week has totally got away from me. I started with the usual to-do list and the best of intentions but then life got in the way.

As frustrating as it can be, I think the best thing is to go with the flow. Accept the situation and be kind to myself. 

On that note, I spent this morning working in the garden! 

Clearing the mind.

I love being outside. No distractions. Just me and Mother Nature. That is until Juno decides enough is enough and starts shouting. I don't allow her on the grass when I'm doing the garden and she disapproves wholeheartedly. If she can see me through the patio door, she tolerates it. But, if she is outside and the other side of the small gate, even though she can still see me...that simply isn't good enough...and she tells me so.


I'm not a brilliant gardener by any means, but I enjoy it and to me that's the main thing. I can easily lose 5 hours out there, cutting the grass, pottering about and tidying up. Very often you'll find me up a ladder cutting back hedges and shrubs...oh yes, this woman attempts it all!

Sometimes I do need to call out the cavalry to help with things that are beyond my reach (literally), and bless him, my hubby is always there to help. Not necessarily thrilled, but he helps all the same. 

Keeping your eyes open.

Even whilst gardening, inspiration is all around and I spotted some gorgeous patterns out there which I hope to investigate further.


To most people the old wooden gate may have seen better days, but to me the patterns created by the expanding, sun-bleached wood are beautiful. I also love the subtle colours on the concrete post.

Design inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. 

Until next time...

Gaynor xx


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