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How to make mini bunting...

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For years and years the only time you saw bunting was at country fairs or in town centres. I'm not sure who brought it into the realm of everyday useage but I for one am happy they did! 


Adding a splash of colour

Bunting is such a simple way to add a splash of colour to any occasion; a garden barbeque; a baby's nursery; a milestone birthday; a modern kitchen; a festive message. The possibilities are endless, as are the ways to make it. 

I thought I'd show you a how to create a string of mini bunting that would look perfect in baby's room hung across a bookshelf or a window frame...or indeed anywhere you choose!

This mini bunting is another great stash buster as the amounts of each fabric are really small.

What You'll Need:

  • patterned/feature fabric
  • plain cotton for the reverse of your feature fabric
  • 4 different plain cottons
  • bias tape approximately 165cm/65" long
  • thread 

Each flag measures approximately 11cm x 11cm (4.5" x 4.5") including a seam allowance of 0.5cm or 1/4". I used my 1/4" foot.

For the feature flags (those with the pattern) you will need 3 flags for the front and 3 plain for the reverse.

The elephant fabric I used is available here.

For the plain flags you will only need 2 of each colour.



  • The first step is to create a template. A thin piece of card is easier to work with but if you are careful paper would be fine. Place the template on your fabric and draw around it.
  • You'll need two of each of the plain colours and 3 for the patterned fabric and 3 for the back of those. To make the most of your fabric, place the template as shown in the image below. Please remember, if your printed fabric is directional (like mine) you need to ensure you cut out the flags with the print going in the same direction.
  • Taking each flag in turn, place right sides together and stitch down the long sides, starting at the top, pivot at the point and stitch back to the top. 

Top Tip: Start sewing a little way in from the top of the flag. This prevents the fabric getting stuck in the feed dogs.



  • The next step is to trim the excess fabric at the points and a little off the seam. This helps to create a sharp point when the flag is turned right side out.
  •  Carefully turn each flag, right side out and press.
  • Trim the ears at the top of each flag and you are now ready to attach the bias binding. 
  • Mark the centre of the bias binding with a gentle crease and attach the first flag (a patterned one). I find Wonderclips are a great alternative to pins for making bunting. 
  • I spaced my flags approximately 4cm/1.5" apart, alternating them as I did so.
  • Stitch close to the edge of the bias binding making sure to catch both sides.
  • Turn over at each end and stitch down.

If you make any of your own bunting, feel free to share any photos over on Intsagram using #gaynormdesigns I'd love to see them.

Until next time...

Gaynor xx

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