I hope you enjoy these free tutorials! You'll find lots of projects for you and your home together with plenty of sewing hints and tips. Feel free to share photos of your makes using #gaynormdesigns over on Instagram, I'd love to see them.

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Make Your Own Mini Bunting

Bunting is so versatile. Use it to add a splash of colour to baby's nursery or bring some fun to the corner of your garden.

Let me show you how to create your own string of beautiful bunting. It's easier than you think.

Bespoke Buttons

Buttons are a great way to embellish a project, especially a bespoke button that totally matches or co-ordinates beautifully. 

In this slideshow I show you just how easy it is to create your own.  

How to Screen-print

Screen-printing is a great way to create original items for you and your home. 

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment, just a few basics. I hope you enjoy watching this video and have fun experimenting and printing your own designs.

Sleep Soundly

The original concept of protecting babies from bad dreams by filtering them through the dreamcatcher is a beautiful one, and although many Native American tribes use similar webs, the Ojibwe are credited with the earliest version.

Traditionally, they were hung on cradleboards to protect the babies as they slept and a feather was attached to the centre, this represented the breath or air, and as it danced in the wind it was a source of entertainment. Only the dreamcatcher's made for newborns would have had a feather in the centre.                            

Thinking Outside the Box

Getting the most out of our creative purchases is important. Finding new ways to use products keeps them fresh and interesting, allowing us to make even more beautiful, bespoke things. Whether we give them as gifts to friends and loved ones or whether we keep them for ourselves, knowing they are one of a kind makes them extra special.

I've shared a few new ideas on how to think outside the box when using your "Wildlife Friends" embroidery templates. You can find them here.

The Ultimate Party Bag

Drawstring bags are so versatile. Use them to hold toiletries while travelling, as party bags for the children or as a gift bag for a friend.

Learn how to make your own using my easy to follow pattern here.

How to Create a Stitch Library

Creating a stitch library for your sewing machine is a great way to see how all of the decorative stitches really appear in thread as opposed to the printed version on your machine itself.

You can read more here.

Stitch Your Own Fabric

Using the decorative stitches on your machine is a fabulous way to embellish your sewing projects.

Choose your favourite decorative, machine stitches, this is where your stitch library would be very useful, and whip up some gorgeous creations such as; pincushions, wall art, hoop art and scissor keepers. You can find details here.

Taking the Fear out of Zips

Zips or zippers are a fantastic invention, thank you Mr Whitcomb L. Judson (1893), but the nemesis of many a sewer!  They needn't be. I've created some basic tutorials showing you step by step how simple it can be to insert various types of zips into your projects.

Take some scrap fabric and a couple of zips and have a go. You may just surprise yourself with the results.

There are four parts to this tutorial and you can find them here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4.